Hey there, y’all! How’s March treating you so far? Got that bracket finalized? Cleaning out the flowerbeds yet?

It’s time for our next round of fun, interesting links we’ve curated from across the interwebs. This edition is a little heavy on food and chef news, so line up at the buffet and enjoy!


No Preacher Goes Hungry When Mama’s Around - Back in the day (and still today in some cases), Southern towns would have week-long revivals at their churches. A travelin’ preacher would roll in and it would be up to the gentle ladies of the congregation to feed him all week. Here’’s Southern Living’s take on how mama would successfully feed the preacher.

The “Top Chef” Finale Was a Southern Showdown - Chefs from Alabama, Kentucky and D.C. battled it out in the season 16 finale. With (SPOILER ALERT!) the top chef crown going to Kelsey Barnard Clark, executive chef and mom from Dothan.

“Chef’s Table” Recap: Sean Brock’s Long Strange Journey Through Southern Cuisine - If you’ve yet to watch the Chef’s Table episode on Netflix that features Nashville-based chef Sean Brock, then now is the time.

The Last Fish Shack on the River - This is a fabulous long-form piece from The Bitter Southerner that details the slow demise of mom and pop seafood restaurants in Savannah.

The South’s Best 2019 - Southern Living just released their annual edition of the “South’s Best.” Go take a look at their take on the best small towns, restaurants, bars, BBQ joints and much more.

The Forgotten Food of the American South - Pokeweed can be toxic if prepared incorrectly. But that hasn’t stopped many Southerners from digging in and preparing it as a salad. The BBC takes a look at this unusual delicacy.

The Great Slider Showdown is approaching quickly! With all this talk of food, we couldn’t help but throw in a quick mention of the MADE SOUTH Great Slider Showdown coming on June 1. 10 chefs. 10 sliders. Only one will win. Hope to see you there!

That’ll do it for this time. As always, let us know if you see any interesting Southern-culture inspired links in the next month. Happy Spring!

Robert Bruce