MADE SOUTH Link Buffet - February 2019

Welcome to the first version of our MADE SOUTH Link Buffet!

This is where we search and curate some of the best southern-inspired content on the internet. It’s just fun, unusual or inspiring stuff we’ve come across that we have to share you with you all. Now, onto the links.


Why Most of America Is Terrible at Making Biscuits - If you grew up in the South, we bet your mom could make a mean biscuit. But why does everyone outside the South suck at making biscuits? According to this writer, it’s all about science.

Is The Power Of The Flour Really The Secret To Baking The Perfect Biscuit? - While we’re talking about biscuits, let’s just keep talking about them.

Finding Chinese food, and home, in Nashville, Tennessee - One man’s search for authentic Chinese food in Nashville and, in the process, appreciating more about his Taiwanese heritage.

Confessions of a Bad Christian - Harrison Scott Key gets real in a hilarious way.

The Reinvention of Birmingham, Alabama - The last decade has brought a lot of incredible change in Birmingham. This writer explores the city’s history and highlights its booming restaurant scene.

Sean Brock’s Sprawling Project Will Feature Casual Dining and Upstairs Tasting Menu - His new restaurant is expected to open later this year or early in 2020 and will focus on a Appalachian-inspired food. Count us in.

The Most Iconic Dish from Every Southern State - Some great mouth-watering dishes here from Southern Living…except for the fact that they consider Delaware a Southern state?

That’s all for February. See you next month!

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Robert Bruce